The Scarlet Thorn - Trailer

From visionary filmmaker C.G. Ryche comes an action drama about one of the most lethal secret agents that the CIA ever produced. She left her dark past for the love of her life, but when they took him from her, ‘the Scarlet Thorn’ came out of retirement. Lin Wu (Jiaoying Liang) was brought to America at a very early age, her father, a diplomat for the Chinese Government. Lin became one of the first female Navy Seals, earning US citizenship, and later was drafted into a classified CIA program and trained to become one of their most lethal assassins. After seven years of life threatening missions and much blood shed, Lin began to question her involvement with the Agency. That's when she met Ben Robinson and fell head over heels in love. She left the CIA to pursue a life of meaning with Ben in Southern California. When a drugged out hit man kills her husband in cold blood and puts a bullet in Lin's chest leaving her for dead, she relies on her training to avenge her husband's murder. There's an ancient Chinese proverb that says: "The miracle is not to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth".

Director: C.G. Ryche
Producer: C.G. Ryche
Story & Screenplay: C.G. Ryche
Cinematographer: Ron Michael
Editor: C.G. Ryche
Original Background Score: C.G. Ryche
Other Crew Members: Mario Manti-Gualtiero / Sound Mixer
Stephen H. Snyder / Casting Director
Heather Lore / Script Supervisior

Actor Name Role Played
Jiaoying Liang Lin Wu
Daniel Robinson Ben Robinson
Joe Echegaray Perry Sanchez
Jesse Wang Mr. Lei
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