Short Film

A sweet heart inside a cappuccino

A homeless man walks into a bar and after having left his two large bags on the floor, he timidly asks for a coffee, while a beautiful and elegant lady is sitting in front of a heart-shaped foam cappuccino. The bartender does not pay attention to the request of the homeless man, until he painfully throws a handful of small coins on the bar counter. The barman, quite bothered, collects them, prepares the coffee and winks sweet smiles to the lady. He goes on acidly talking about the homeless man. The lady looks at him with complicity, but then, something unexpected happens …

The homeless man represents in a broad sense all the marginalized, but he could even be the person who sleeps under the bridge, but also a family man who has lost his job or his house or whatever. Anyway, that shows the condition of most of the people who are now living “marginalized” by society for various reasons.

Director: Marco daffra
Writer: Paola Landi & Roberto Grassi
Producer: Uscio e Bottega s.r.l.
Key Cast: Luciano Casaredi, Caterina Boccardi & Fabio Rubino

Short Film

🔒 Prisoner

Prisoner - Short of the Month - Online Short Film Festival May 2016 - Featured

Film not yet available for public screening.
Trailer not available.

Within their cells that was embedded into darkness, their most desired feelings was patience. Their time was short to feed their bodies and souls with the strewing life lights. When the expected time has come the light beams entering from the opened window could purify their souls and feed their bodies. After that; the only thing left was the coldness of the cruel darkness.

Director: Erol Çelik
Writer: Erol Çelik
Producer: Erol Çelik
Key Cast: Ziya Nizam, Aykut Yangın, Hüseyin Gezer & Yasin Şavkı

Short Film

🔒 Globe

Globe - Short of the Month - Online Short Film Festival May 2016 - Featured

Film not yet available for public screening.
Trailer not available.

A young school going kid and his curiosity about the shape of this earth eventually ends up giving a deep message to this society.

Director: Stanley Hector
Writer: Nitin Bedarkar
Producer: John Paul & Stanley Hector
Key Cast: Pratyush Jaju
Namrata Tiwari
Sunil Raghuwanshi
Urmi Sharma
Original Music: Swapneel Mahindre
Editor: Sourav Yadav
Cinematographer: Sudeep Dwivedi
Production Manager: Aditi Jadhav

Short Film

🔒 Love, Life and Regrets…

Love, Life and Regrets... - Short of the Month - Online Short Film Festival May 2016 - Featured

Film not yet available for public screening.
Trailer not available.

Aditya drops his father at the old age home, but as he is about to leave, he overhears something which makes him regret everything he’s done.

Director: Aron Mitr
Writer: Anirudh Singh
Producer: Anirudh Singh & Kushal Goyal
Key Cast: Baldev Trehan & Anirudh Singh
Editor: Manish Upadhyay
DOP: Santosh
Music: Aditya Chakrawarty

Short Film

🔒 Wheels

Wheels - Short of the Month - Online Short Film Festival May 2016 - Featured

Film not yet available for public screening.
Trailer not available.

A recently paralyzed teen deals with loss and regret.

Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Editor & Producer: Spencer Muhlstock
Key Cast: Jharrel Jerome
Composer: Nick Fagnilli

Short Film

Those Drawn Alive

Every autumn I get heavily moody. This is caused by the loss of the light.
Last summer I heard from the radio a tune called ” the House of the Rising Sun “.
At once I was on a wintery road, with a very low light – and having an impossible opponent against me –
Lee Van Cleef .
Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematography, Editing & Key Cast: Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara
Music: Samuli Kristian Saastamoinen

Short Film

🔒 Amoo Nowruz

Amoo Nowruz - Short of the Month - Online Short Film Festival May 2016 - Featured

Film Not Available for Public Screening Yet.

Trailer not available.

Amoo Nowruz is one of the ancient Persian legends. Symbolically, the arrival of spring and Persian New Year illustrated by a story of a woman, who counting down days to see her love. She has everything ready for his arrival, however she falls asleep on the promised date…

Director, Writer & Producer: farkhondeh torabi

Short Film


A writer is drafting a movie in his apartment.
He is alone drinking, memories and illusions start to play with his mind.
Director, Writer & Producer: Savvas Christou
Cast: Abe Cohen & Maria Segenova
Director of Photography: Rafael Omar Rivera
Sound: Steven Frankel
Gaffer: Javad Emami
Assistant Director: Kandice Ducette
Assistant Camera: Shuntian Jiang
Editor: Savvas Christou

Short Film


In a group therapy session, Maxine helps the reflective and thoughtful Richard begin to share his difficulty working through the loss of his father. Some in the group are silent, while others are unsympathetic and even callous telling Richard to ‘get over it.’ The professional, middle-aged Maxine, however, lends her listening ear and thoughtful responses as she systematically shepherds the various members of the group. As a result, other members begin to shallowly share their grief over their own losses. As the weight of these burdens mount, Richard forces Maxine to face her own grief and loss. In an unusual turn, a startling revelation is made, and Maxine leads her group into a jarring reality. You’ve never felt so alone as you do in group.
Director: AJ PARKER

Key Cast:


🔒 Waterfowl(ed)

Have you ever fed birds bread at the park or used lead sinkers during your weekend fishing trip? Well, you are inadvertently causing serious harm to the geese, ducks, herons, and swans in your area.

Waterfowl(ed) addresses how current household habits within our communities harm local wildlife, particularly waterfowl. While investigating local carelessness within waterfowl environments in Wilmington, North Carolina, the film focuses on the selfless efforts of bird rehabilitation organizations, SkyWatch Bird Rescue, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, and Cape Fear Raptor Center.

Waterfowl(ed) aims to educate viewers on common issues such as the improper disposal of fishing equipment, lead poisoning, animal cruelty, pollution of retention ponds, and the disease, Angel Wing, in order to prevent future harm to waterfowl.
Director: Grace Combs
Producer: Grace Combs & Druscilla Lam
Sound Mixer: Druscilla Lam & Taylor O’Steen
Editor: Luqi Zhao
Director of Photography: Noah Campagna & Adam Fackelman