Short Film

🔒 The Guest

The Guest - Short Film - Short of the Month - Online Short Film Festival June 2016

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After the father’s death, a man gets on a train and stops in a country town. Takes a room in a boarding house run by a mother and her daughter, a fifteen-year-old girl. The girl seduces the man and the man rapes her. The man pays for his stay, and in order to avoid any possible official complaint, he leaves the boarding house and escapes.

Director: Federico Olivetti
Writer: Carlo Orlando & Luciano Colavero
Producer: Sergio Cremasco
Key Cast: Giacinto Palmarini
Ilaria Natali
Silvia Luzzi

Short Film

🔒 Pelago

Pelago - Short Film - Short of the Month - Online Short Film Festival June 2016

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A young girl named Maggie tries to deal with the loss of her lover, remembering his promises and the place where they first met. Now she has to face her lack of self-confidence, the same lack that encouraged her to start a relation with an older man that she identified as her lighthouse in the storm.

Director, Writer & Producer: Edoardo Sandulli
Cinematographer: Simone Biagini
Costume Designer: Katia Rigali
Actress: Laura Carugati
Voice (Maggie): Isabella Benassi
Voice (Greg): Stefano Andrea Macchi
Director of Dubbing: Nunzia di Somma
Composer: Alessio Buongiorno
Sound Editor: Alessandro Meistro
Editor: Giuseppe Lago

Short Film


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Director & Writer: Pietro Maria Rusca
Producer: Videokis
Key Cast: Angelo Upali
Color Correction: Diego Berrè
Mix Audio: Riccardo Rossi
Camera Operator: Mattia Ruggiero
Music: Orla Edizioni Musicali

Short Film

A sweet heart inside a cappuccino

A homeless man walks into a bar and after having left his two large bags on the floor, he timidly asks for a coffee, while a beautiful and elegant lady is sitting in front of a heart-shaped foam cappuccino. The bartender does not pay attention to the request of the homeless man, until he painfully throws a handful of small coins on the bar counter. The barman, quite bothered, collects them, prepares the coffee and winks sweet smiles to the lady. He goes on acidly talking about the homeless man. The lady looks at him with complicity, but then, something unexpected happens …

The homeless man represents in a broad sense all the marginalized, but he could even be the person who sleeps under the bridge, but also a family man who has lost his job or his house or whatever. Anyway, that shows the condition of most of the people who are now living “marginalized” by society for various reasons.

Director: Marco daffra
Writer: Paola Landi & Roberto Grassi
Producer: Uscio e Bottega s.r.l.
Key Cast: Luciano Casaredi, Caterina Boccardi & Fabio Rubino