Bujhbe na se konodin | Musical Film – Trailer

A boy in a slum. He’s alone. He faced many of problem day by day. But he is doing something for Survive in life. He make himself as a day laborer.

Director: Surzo
Producer: Surzo
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Surzo
Editor: Surzo
Original Background Score: Nachiketa Chakroborty
Other Crew Members: Ayon, Shovon.

Actor Name Role Played
Jibon Jibon

My Baby Shot Me Down – Trailer

A short film about 5 women and their insatiable desire for revenge as they kidnap 5 men for crimes of domestic violence (Shot on 35mm).

Director: Daniella Daemy
Producer: Anthony Da Silva
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Martyn Culpan
Editor: Iain Thompson
Original Background Score: Richard McCormic
Other Crew Members:
Lomig Joliff – Production Design
Jessica Lynagh -Makeup department head
Hanna Williams – Makeup artist
Samuel W. Davis – First assistant director
Duane Valentino – Visual effects artist
Colin Lee Berry – Action coordinator
Billy Askew – Camera trainee
Charlie Cowper – Steadicam operator
Vini Curtis – Gaffer
Luke Jefferson – First assistant camera
Rod Marley – First assistant camera
Roland C. Phillips – Second assistant camera
Anna Robson – Costume design


Actor Name Role Played
Charlotte Atkinson Miss Director
Alida Pantone Miss Orange
Marta Coluccia Miss Yellow
Sydnee Howard Miss Blue
Annyk Sebestyén Miss Pink
Alessandro De Marco Mr Blue
Luca Ribezzo Mr Actor
Colin Lee Berry Mr Pink
Shiraz Haq Mr Yellow
Andre Mckie Mr Orange

Round One – Trailer

The film takes place when Tobias believes that his biggest desire is to play his first boxing match,
but can he manage the pressure? When his best friends and his trainer let him down,
the motivation disappears, where is his way out from his inner inferno?

Director: Joakim Fries
Producer: Joakim Fries
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Oscar Sihlén
Editor: Joakim Fries
Original Background Score: Poddington Bear
Other Crew Members: Ola Gulde Poyntz
Axel Hasslow
Mimmi Bolander
Kajsa Bolander

Actor Name Role Played
Oscar Sihlén Tobias
Ola Gulde Poyntz Erik Nordin
Axel Hasslow Linus
Mimmi Bolander Filippa

Humor – Trailer

A deranged bear delivers the previously unknown tale of Humor Gredanko.

Director: Haji Outlaw
Producer: Haji Outlaw
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Austin Chavira
Editor: Haji Outlaw
Original Background Score: Haji Outlaw
Other Crew Members: Lisa Mayo, Jonathan Williams, Linnea Joelsson.

Actor Name Role Played
Haji Outlaw Bear

Squad Leader TD-73028 Soliloquy – Trailer

Star Wars meets Shakespeare in this timely nod to both the 40th celebration of Star Wars release and the recent 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death. Hamlet’s famous soliloquy is presented as the inner voice of a Stormtrooper, demonstrating the way Shakespeare’s language still echoes down to us through the centuries and remains as relevant today as ever—not to mention as well in a galaxy far, far away…

Director: Maxime-Claude L’Écuyer
Producer: Maxime-Claude L’Écuyer
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Arnaud Dumas
Editor: Maxime-Claude L’Écuyer
Original Background Score: Carl Bastien
Other Crew Members: Sound Design: Olivier Calvert
Sound Mixing: Martin M. Messier
Colourist: Marc Boucrot (FIlm factory)
VFX: Jean-Michel Bourgeois

Actor Name Role Played
David Blouin Squad Leader TD-73028 (Cosplayer)
Anton Golikov Squad Leader TD-73028 (Voice)

White Awake – Trailer

A successful man and his therapist unravel the troubles of the present by awakening the memories of his past.

Director: Alex Kyrou
Producer: Clare Shields
Story & Screenplay: Alex Kyrou
Cinematographer: James Westbrook
Editor: Alex Kyrou
Original Background Score: Paul O’Brien
Other Crew Members: Executive Producer – Graham F Page
Associate Producer – Graham Inman

Costume Designer – Rebecca Tredget

Casting – Mèv Bertrand

First Assistant Director – Frederic Ledoux
Second Assistant Director – Naveen Varma
Production Manager – Magda Ceron

Art Director – Christopher Stylianou
Art Director Assistant – Sophena Ahmed

Hair and Make-up – Karolina Kluzniak

First Assistant Camera – Vlassis Skoulis
Second Assistant Camera – Michael Hobdell
Camera Trainee – Ollie Paxton

Gaffer – Martin Kloud
Spark – Vincent Edwards

Script Supervisor – Pauline Wai Lam

Sound Recordist / Mixers – Lee Collins, David Sohanpal
Boom Operator – Filipe Pinheiro

On Set Driver – James Kennedy
Chaperone – Charmaine Dawkins
Stills Photographer – Flora Westbrook

Runners – Valentina Gordeeva, Isobel Mackenzie, Jeremy Willmott

Colourist – Jason R Moffat

Sound Editor / Mixer – Jose Pereira
Assistant Sound Editor – Chris Mackie

Actor Name Role Played
Hainsley Lloyd Bennett Joshua
Meryl Griffiths Natasha
La-Shane Dawkins-Mcleod Young Joshua
Sallyann Fellowes Penny
Nick Ewans Robert

The Writer – Trailer

An aspiring writer’s life is pushed into disarray when he loses his job. He has to overcome his depression in order to salvage his life, his goal and his relationship. But is it worth salvaging?

Director: Lee Brown
Producer: Lee Brown
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Lee Brown
Editor: Lee Brown
Original Background Score: Lee Brown
Other Crew Members: Aaron Scott
William Keay
Conner Devlin
Rachel Beck
Bethany Sheriff

  • Actor Name Role Played
    Lee Brown Alistair
    Laura Lennon Rebecca
    Scott Thomson Michael

ROTARY – Trailer

In 1968, a young babysitter’s evening is interrupted by strange and unsettling occurrences.

Director: Lorenzo P. Adams
Producer: Lorenzo P. Adams, Connor Etter, and Michael Kowaleski
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Eric Hales
Editor: Jonathan Kobryn
Original Background Score: Leonardo Viotti
Other Crew Members: Richard Rothwell
Jonathan Kobryn
Joseph Simpson
Steve Ellmore
Rachel Kelly
JoAnn Abbott
Lucas Gonzalas
Jonathan Alvarez
Connor Etter
Andrew Bettencourt
Riley Star
Greg Kozak
Tony Donghyuk Yoon
Eliza Caws
Dave Brown

Actor Name Role Played
Emma Fawkes Julie
David M. Goldberg The Caller
Hunter Ott Robert
Caroline Gould Mrs. Franklin
Geoffrey Bogg Mr. Franklin
Chris Stinson Ricky

ANGLE, 角度 – Trailer

角度 ANGLE is set 20 years after the 4th war in mainland china, it is an origin story of a baby girl who has been made host to a demon seed in a procedure gone awry, thus leaving a dimensional gate open for these demons to travel. We pick up 19 years later as our baby girl is now a beautiful young college girl studying occult history, advanced physics and linguistics to try to find the truth of her origin. Accompanied by a protective mech companion who was built to hold and suppress the demon seed inside her that is trying to realize itself into this world.

Director: patrick a razo
Producer: patrick a razo
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: mo kim
Editor: patrick a razo
Original Background Score: patrick a razo
Other Crew Members: -2nd unit drone pilot/cinematographer: hannah kacary
-vfx: john van unen


Actor Name Role Played
ellie hara angelina

The Auxiliary Verb | Documentary Film | 2017 – Trailer

Life is diverse. Everyday life on the streets of this city continues to flow like rivers. A najamul in their hands. He is a Temu Driver Assistant. A brief example of some of her teenage children’s life, “The Auxiliary Verb”.

Director: Surzo
Producer: Mohi SHanto
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Mohi Shanto
Editor: Surzo
Original Background Score: Youtube Free Music
Other Crew Members: Upoma.

Actor Name Role Played
Nazmul Nazmul