The Maze – Trailer

A young man lives a dream where is trapped and looks for help by going to a psychoanalyst to investigate his mind. The dreams, however, are chosen by a doctor where the people often stop by.

Director: Franco Lucchetti & Mauro Villani
Producer: Francoi Lucchetti & Mauro Villani
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Manuel Antonucci
Editor: Mauro Villani
Original Background Score: Alessio Manca
Other Crew Members: Set Decoration & Costume Designer: Carla Spaziani
Camera Operator: Davide Salvatori
Sound: Giampaolo Panizio
Assistant Operator: Aurora De Carolis
Make Up: Maria Mastrangeli
Graphic Designer: Paola Cerruto

Actor Name Role Played
Franco Lucchetti

I Will Crush You & Go To Hell – Trailer

At their father’s funeral, Colorado and Louise Fox discover the existence of an exclusive and mysterious heiress: Apple Pie. Together, they set out to find who she is and hit the road to get the money back…

Director: Fabio Soares, Célia Paysan
Producer: Fabio Soares
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Cyril Bron
Editor: Arno Creignou
Original Background Score: Junksista, Dominique Lépine
Other Crew Members: Olivier Bizet, 1st assistant

Actor Name Role Played
Petra Silander Colorado Fox
Lise Gardo Louise Fox
Mike Dopud Officer Morris Mitchel
Elisabeth Duda Meredith H. Campbell

Mayfly – Trailer

Its a story of a strange boy whose life is only depend on 24 hours.

Director: AKHILESH
Producer: R.P.Tripathi
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Akhilesh
Editor: Akhilesh
Original Background Score: Akhilesh
Other Crew Members: Excutive producer- AKHILESH
first Asst. Director- Bobby Raj Yadav & Rohit raj Yadav
Second asst. Director- Akash, Abhishek
line producer- Rajneesh Mishra


Actor Name Role Played
Devkant gupta Robin
Mamta Sharma Payal
Ashok Mishra Gangster
Vikas Local Gangster

Clumsy Ft. MarazA – Haiyo Trailer

Its a Trailer for a South African Hip Hop Music Video

Director: Morale Pablo Phala
Producer: Morale Pablo Phala
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Morale Pablo Phala
Editor: Morale Pablo Phala
Original Background Score: Moeketsi Maesela
Other Crew Members: Morale Pablo Phala

Actor Name Role Played
Moeketsi Maesela Clumsy

One Last Dance – Trailer

“One Last Dance” is a ghost story about three generations of men, of lost love and the intimacy of a dance.

A reluctant visit to his grandson’s dance group gives an old man an unexpected chance to reconnect with his past and reignite his passion for life.

Director: Luke Losey
Producer: Dorigen Hammond
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Serge Teulon
Editor: Miranda Watts
Original Background Score: Paul Hartnoll
Other Crew Members: Line Producer/PM Jim Edgar
Production Coordinator Lindsey Bowden
Sound Designer Tim Harrison
Sound Recordist Mick Duffield
Costume/Wardrobe Minna Attala
Make Up Artist Carlotta Nuti
Production Designer/AD Erik Rehl

Actor Name Role Played
Jonathan Pryce Old man
Sara kestelman Ghost
Shane Attwooll Son
Max Sail Grandson
Star Jones Girlfriend

Humans of Someone – Trailer

A man gets obsessed with a filmmaker whose films become inextricably entwined with his own life.

Director: Sumesh Lal
Producer: Aum-i Artistes
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Vipin Chandran, Mahesh SR, Aneesh CS
Editor: Alby Nataraj
Original Background Score: Govind Menon
Other Crew Members: Colorist – Remesh CP
Associate Directors – Aneej P Jayan, Parvati Prakash
Sound Designer – Krishnanunni
Costume Designers – Sunitha Prasanth, Remya Suresh
Art – Premkumar Kottakkal
Production Designers – Shreafudeen, Akhilesh KR
Camera – Mahesh SR, Sujith SL, Aneesh CS
Designs – Gokulraj

Actor Name Role Played
Nitin Nath I
Madonna Sebastian Sarah

No Love For Fuckboys – Trailer

“No Love For Fuckboys” traces the journey to and away from love as told by a sexual assault survivor who shares their story through the ghosts of their past.

Director: Ricardo Bouyett
Producer: Ricardo Bouyett
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Ricardo Bouyett
Editor: Ricardo Bouyett
Original Background Score: Steve Matthew Carter

Actor Name Role Played
Nailah Thomas Nailah Thomas
Michael LaVallee Michael LaVallee
Jude Valentin Jude Valentin
Jessica Oberhausen Jessica Oberhausen
Kristin Tate Kristin Tate
Jacqui Jaurena Jacqui Jaurena
Chase Ingrande Chase Ingrande
CJ Aslan CJ Aslan
Naomi Stuhlman Naomi Stuhlman
Lewis Mansion Lewis Mansion
Tera Jo Tera Jo
Emlar Rollings Emlar Rollings
Maya Ru Maya Ru
Marina Cortes Calle Marina Cortes Calle
Jasper Aurum Baltazar Japser Aurum Baltazar
Michal Gliszewski Michal Gliszewski
Charles Mcdermott Charles Mcdermott

This Is (It). – Trailer

A young Black-American couple fleeing racial-based violence rely on one another in order to persevere and overcome.

Director: Mark Toadvine
Producer: Hope Toadvine
Story & Screenplay: Mark Toadvine
Cinematographer: Mark Toadvine
Editor: Mark Toadvine
Original Background Score: Debra Freeman
Other Crew Members: Hope Toadvine

Actor Name Role Played
Gregory Castel Boy
Abigail De La Hoz Girl

lineless – Trailer

Yashar, the young man who sells honey lives in mountainy region in the borders. He smuggles medicines too. He has felt in love with a girl who lives on the outside of the borders. He suspects that she be married and this disturbs him.

Director: amirhosein khalilzade
Producer: amirhosein khalilzade
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: mohsen kolkoo
Editor: morteza kazeminia
Original Background Score: morteza
Other Crew Members: bahare siri-mohammadreza moheb-ali ebrahimi-hasan hajibabayi-hadi

Actor Name Role Played
Sunita Kambale Kajari
Narayani Varne Simu

BANISH – Trailer

One family is banned by society for some reasons. And girl of that family also get banned by people.

Director: Milind Dhavale & Vishal patil
Producer: Milind Dhavale
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Milind Dhavale
Editor: Milind Dhavale
Original Background Score: Vishal Patil & Vikas Patil
Other Crew Members: AD – Vikas Patil


Actor Name Role Played
ali moosavian yashar
kiarash eshraghi naji
elham goljamal