Angel of Anywhere – Trailer

From director James Kicklighter (“Desires of the Heart,” “Digital Edition”), Angel of Anywhere is the story of an empathetic stripper plays therapist to the many damaged clientele and co-workers who frequent the popular Anywhere Bar.

Angel of Anywhere stars Briana Evigan (“Step Up Movie 2: The Streets,” “Sorority Row”) as Michelle, Ser’Darius Blain (“When The Game Stands Tall,” “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”) as Brian, David A. Gregory (“One Life to Live,” “The Good Fight”) as D.C., and introduces Axel Roldos as Angel.

Director: James Kicklighter
Producer: Beau Turpin
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Jonathan Pope
Editor: James Kicklighter
Original Background Score: Nicolas Repetto
Other Crew Members: Margie Vargas & Jessica Sherman, C.S.A, Casting Consultants

Actor Name Role Played
Briana Evigan Michelle
Ser’Darius Blain Brian
Axel Roldos Angel
David A. Gregory D.C.
Nihan Gur Alexxx in Wonderland

Functional Fitness – Trailer

This documentary takes a raw and introspective look into the world of Functional Fitness, illustrating what this growing trend is all about. An inspiring film that explores how this fitness phenomenon has enhanced the lives of so many people.

Director: Bob Rose
Producer: Bob Rose
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Bob Rose
Editor: Bob Rose
Original Background Score: Jenni Bishop
Other Crew Members: Tony Ramirez
Sarah Edmiston
Kenny Strawn


Actor Name Role Played
Talayna Fortunato

Nirupaya (Hopeless) – Trailer

This short film story is about of a 17 years old boy and his old grandfather. A boy fails to collect money for his grand father’s operation.
This is a fiction emotional drama short film
This film made in Odia ( India) language with English subtitles.

Duration: 30 minutes.
Trailer Duration: 52 seconds.

Director: Sagar swain
Producer: Swain motion pictures
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Rizwan Hasan
Editor: Shibananda Jena
Original Background Score: Ruddra AM studio
Other Crew Members: Sound design by Ajesh Mishra
Post production & DI by phoenix
Story by Sagar swain
Produced by swain motion pictures

Actor Name Role Played
Sai pradhan Raghhu

Too Good To Be True, a Trillion Dollar Journey – Trailer

The documentary film explores broader thoughts on various issues concerning the monetary, financial and economic systems of the world we live in today and highlight issues concerning the affairs of earth’s ancient assets since before World War 1. The ancient assets consist of currency and asset reserves, gold and other precious resources, historical assets and heritage funds are depicted in the film. We are talking not only in the trillions, but values that reach an unimaginable figure!. In the film, views of the world’s economic and financial systems are discussed. Knowledge of history, political science, social science, economy, finance, and religion would be an advantage in understanding the events presented in this film, as well as the ones unfolding in the world today.

Official website:
Copyright: Centric Asia Films and related partners. 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Director: Shade Asri
Producer: Rashidah Hashim
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Shade Asri
Editor: Shade Asri
Original Background Score: Two Steps From Hell
Other Crew Members: Sophan Azeri
Zed Adam
Fawzy Wahab


Actor Name Role Played
Zahari Awang Asset Chancellor
Angel Marcos Peace Ambassador
Kamisan Suja Undersecretary
Fawzy Wahab Undersecretary
Ricky Nathaniel Redeemer

Blood Brothers – Trailer

When a young British soldier deserts his battalion in the heat of World War I, he must seek refuge in a nearby barn only to find an unexpected threat.

Director: Max Chernov
Producer: Nicole Falsetti, Max Chernov, Jean de Meuron
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Bruce McCleery
Editor: Patrick Tuck, Mike Spagnoli
Original Background Score: Andrew Kawczynski
Other Crew Members: Executive Producers: Dan Funes, Adam Pertofsky, Elena Bawiec, Giuliano Musacchio
Costume Designer: Gaby Acosta
Production Designer: Patrick Fritz
Visual Effects Supervisor: Luke McDonald


Actor Name Role Played
Robert Dylan Bare Charlie
Cameron Cowperthwaite Paul

Achieve – Trailer

The story of the film is about an Afghan couple who want to emigrate to Europe through Iran’s border but some problems happen to them…

Director: Mohammad reza Minapour
Producer: Mohammad reza Minapour
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Hamid Mehrafrooz
Editor: Mohammad reza Minapour
Original Background Score: Karen Homayounfar
Other Crew Members: Sound Recorder : Nader Khaledi
Sound Design : Mohammad reza Minapour

Actor Name Role Played
Pedram Niloofary
Reza Mehdizadeh
Somayeh Alizadeh
Vian Azizpour

Clear As Day – Trailer

A man loitering in front of a diner has an encounter with a sheriff. The situation spirals out of control when he realizes that his past has come back to haunt him.

Director: Gemma B. Valentine
Producer: Gemma B. Valentine
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Gemma B. Valentine
Editor: Gemma B. Valentine
Original Background Score: Overhill LN
Other Crew Members: Matthew Luna, Val Lewdon

Actor Name Role Played
Matthew Luna Avalon Lacy
Val Lewdon Donna

VESPER – Trailer

Marge Ofenbey shuts herself away from all in a house to flee her sinister and manipulative husband. She asks her nephew Christian for help. But, Christian will soon discover the secrets hidden by Marge and Walter. What are Walter’s true intentions? Why is Marge haunted by stars?

Director: Keyvan Sheikhalishahi
Producer: Keyvan Sheikhalishahi
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Jean-Claude Aumont
Editor: Marie-Jo Nenert
Original Background Score: Jean-Claude Aumont
Other Crew Members: Stéphanie Branchu
Sophie Dauchez
Corinne Rozenberg
Kevin Bally
Florian Plenacoste
Charlotte Bonfort
Charles Thomas
Marc Bruderer
Laurent Amir

Actor Name Role Played
Götz Otto Walter
Agnès Godey Marge Ofenbey
Keyvan Sheikhalishahi Christian

Chakra – Trailer

Chakra – the wheel. Spins around simple human relationships, accelerating through lies, betrayals, deceit, turmoil in the lives of four men. Will it connect corners or make a full circle? Will ends meet or will it touch the breaking point?
Chakra – a driving wheel or slitting one? Watch now to unlock the answers.

Director: Sudarshan Harnalli
Producer: Sudarshan Harnalli
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Gowtham S Ramesh
Editor: Gowtham S Ranesh
Original Background Score: Royalty free music
Other Crew Members: Sandeep

Actor Name Role Played
Mico Shivashankar Tea Stall Owner
Kushal B K Supplier
Raghu Consumer
Ragavendra Police officer

Cultural Clash – Trailer

When a Nigerian family with traditional values move to the ghetto from their Roswell Mansion to survive hard times, they soon find out that money is the least of their problems.

Yinka and Ade Johnson, two Nigerian high school teenaged siblings are dumped into the worst school in their new neighborhood after their family had to relocate to Decatur due to financial difficulties. They fast discover that despite moving to America with a visa lottery for a better life as adolescents, culture shock and rejection had only just begun with Crim High as they make a deep revelation the hard way that even in a city full of Blacks, there are two shades of black and that being Black isn’t just enough.

Cultural Clash is a story that explores how parental disapproval and racial discrimination can change the course of the lives of everyone and bring about a powerful lesson that has never been seen on screen; bridging cultural divides, revealing why minorities hate each other and the harm of being disunited. It is a tale that blends the romance of high school scenarios with a thrilling family conflict, intense racism and the spell-bounding action of the chase of the drug Lord and his gang. In this intriguing and dramatic romance, you will soon find out that everyone can be a little racist to even to their own race.

Director: Ibrahim Thomson
Producer: Ibrahim Thompson & Dele Nonye John
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Ibrahim Thompson, Fabian Hooks, Willie Styles and Antoine Mercury
Editor: Iyke Odogwu
Original Background Score: Chuckey Charles
Other Crew Members: Chichi Chukwura Ozoemena, Aaarica Dee, Angela Shondamere, Kahprii, Richard Tasie, Tosin Owoyomi, etc

Actor Name Role Played
Terri Vaughn Mrs Jefferson
Lil Zane Big Fred
Jim Iyke Uncle Dayo
Yemi Blaq Yomi Johnson
Daniel Llyod Ade
Benjamin Levy Miguel
Karen Obilom Yinka